Thursday, March 29, 2018


we have had a grade 4/5 concert
this was my reflection:

Monday, March 26, 2018


In math we have been doing math for our PYPX, the math choices are measurement, numbers (Algebra), fractions. I needed to do numbers because when we show the movie (a plastic ocean) we need to divide the tickets, the money to show the movie, how much of everything we need.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

PYPX...(so far)

We have been doing PYPX and that is were we do some ACTION and then tell people about the ACTION that we did. So far we have decided that we are going to show a movie called 'a plastic ocean' and we will sell tickets to earn money and then give the money to a organisation that helps with sea pollution with plastic

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Netherlands governance

The governance system in the Netherlands is constitutional monarchy (monarchy and and democracy [in the middle]). Right now (2018) Mark Rutte is the prime minister of the Netherlands, he was born February 14, 1967 and has been prime minister of the Netherlands sins 14 October 2010. His political party is called People's Party for Freedom and Democracy, and Leader of the Party since 31 May 2006


Plastic bags are bad for sooooo many different reasons:

  • Because they can kill sea creatures (and if you 'don't care' your some mean person)
  • Because think about how YOU would like to like in a sea of DEATH
  • They have the possibility to give CANCER (not a joke [i promise])
  • There a huge litter problem
  • They help climate change
  • Plastic bag are hard to reuse 
Those aren't even half the reasons that there bad

Instead of using plastic bags use other things there are PLENTY of different alternatives
Regular cloth bags is a popular alternative

99.9% BAD

a quick UPDATE on whats going on

So.. here is whats going on:

- we have started working on PYP X
              - my group's focus is on SDG #14 (life below water)
                      - my group's focus is mostly on plastic bags and a bit of just plastic
- we have had a concert and in it was my grade and class doing some singing, cello playing' and making music with a basket ball


Thursday, January 18, 2018

our new unit



We are starting a new unit called governance. So far we have done a day one a few different sort governance (anarchy, democracy, dictatorship, monarchy) and made some people in the class  leaders according to the Vietnamese way of governance.